• Completely modular design
  • Compact design
  • Service intervals up to 8,000km
  • Widest capability for speed, load and movement profiles
  • High loads and moments
  • Wipersystem with automatic re-adjustment


 Clean Room Applications certified to DIN EN ISO 14644-
with special pneumatic cushioning system for cycle time optimization,
for Ø 16 to 50 mm

Stainless steel version for special applications

High Temperature Version for temperatures up to
Low Temperature Version for temperatures up to -40°C

Slow Speed Version    v = 0.005 – 0.2 m/s

Cylinders with extreme long strokes   Stroke length up to 41 m

High Speed Version  v
max. = 30 m/s

  • Model Kodu: Rodless Cylinders - OSP-P